Dr Janelle Knox-Hayes

Associate Professor of Economic Geography and Planning


Janelle Knox-Hayes is an Associate Professor of Economic Geography and Planning in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT and the director of the Resilient Communities Lab.

Her research focuses on the governance of climate mitigation and adaptation and systems to build socio-economic, cultural and environmental resilience for communities.

Her latest projects examine how community engagement and the integration of Traditional Ecological Knowledge can strengthen climate assessments and planning, the effects of compound climate risks on vulnerable and frontline populations within urban canters, and how cities like New York and Boston can better prepare for climate change.

She is particularly interested in understanding how values shape planning and decision making across a variety of scales.  Her publications include multiple peer reviewed articles and books including Saving for Retirement, The Culture of Markets: The Political Economy of Climate Governance, and the Routledge Handbook of Financial Geography.