Session III

Spatialising transitions to sustainable finance
Examination Schools - Classroom 6
Session Time:

Theodor Cojoianu

Edinburgh University
Associate Professor in Sustainable Finance

Dr Janelle Knox-Hayes

Associate Professor of Economic Geography and Planning

Dr Felicia Liu

Oxford Sustainable Finance Group, University of Oxford
Research Associate

Linda Zeilina

International Sustainable Finance Centre

Session Detail:

Finance has a very specific and concentrated geography, dominated by a limited number of financial centres in developed countries. While we would not expect financial centres to be the only centres of sustainable finance, there is little to no attention to the question of where the transition to sustainable finance is taking place. In this session, we will treat financial centres as nodes in a larger system, and we will discuss their role from a multi-scalar perspective. How do nodes outside of financial centres form in emerging and developing countries? How do spatial factors affect financial production, intermediation (including trading) and consumption in a global network? A better understanding of place-specific impacts on sustainability transitions is necessary and even urgent to explain the geographical unevenness of transition.